Since 2024, all instruments are not anymore compatible with REAKTOR PLAYER. For an unlimited experience with the instruments you need a full version of REAKTOR 6.


CATALIZ V1.0.0 release – April 2019
FR3TZ° Manual
FR3TZ V1.0.0 release – September 2018
AETØNZ° Manual
AETØNZ V1.0.1 release – latest revision February 2016
RUIDOZ° Manual
RUIDOZ V2.0.1 release – latest revision February 2016
SUBSTANZ V1.0.1 release – latest revision July 2016
VOZ° Manual
VOZ V1.0 release – latest revision April 2017


Are Blinksonic's ensembles are compatible with the free Reaktor Player ?

NO, they all need the full version of REAKTOR 6 updated, in order to work.

Since 2017, compatible versions with the free REAKTOR PLAYER which must be registered with Native Access , have been distributed.

They are still supported but not yet available for purchase.

Is refund possible ?

Unfortunately, refunds are not possible.

As far as the product has been downloaded and that the user has taken possession of the digital content, this is for obvious reasons of protection of duplicable digital content and therefore vulnerable to any type of piracy.

These ensembles for REAKTOR  are digital goods with as much characteristic of a device that can be used as a tool for music producers, as much they got an artistic value. Considering its characteristics, both technical and artistic, please understand that it is important for me to protect my creations.

This is why there is no demo versions available, as this would be equivalent to offering the majority of its content for free.

It is recommended to read the manuals, watch the demo videos, listen to the audio demos before purchasing BLINKSONIC° products. Any doubt, please, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me by mail.

How do I open my ensemble or install it ?

Unzip the package and drop the resulting folder wherever you want. Blinksonic° ensembles can be opened directly by double-clicking on the file, in your browser.

If you use a DAW (Ableton, Logic, etc..) you need to open the ensemble from Reaktor VST or AudioUnit plugin.

There are different methods to do so. Refer to the “Application reference” in the Help section of Reaktor. It explains how to manage directories/folders. But the most direct way would be this one :

  • in the browser on the left, click the « FILES » tab
  • then you can explore on your disk, following the folder which contains your ensembles.

Note : In any case, when Reaktor is open, you can drag and drop the ensemble from your folder inside Reaktor.

I own a NKS/REAKTOR PLAYER version of BLINKSONIC instruments (purchased before 2024) How do I open my ensemble or install it ?

Refer this article from the NI knowledge base to install correctly your Blinksonic instruments :

Can I open my own samples in Blinksonic ensembles ?

YES. It is possible to import samples into Blinksonic° ensembles. Blinksonic° samplers are based on Reaktor sampler modules.
Use the sample map tool to load your own samples into a Blinksonic° ensemble.
Before importing your samples, it is recommended to backup your files. An analysis data file can overwrite the files of other software and convert them to 16 bit audio from 24 bit.

There's a new update for my ensemble, how to access the new version ?

Free update version links are sent by mail to the address which have been used during purchase.
If you don’t see it in your inbox, check your spam.

I lost or deleted the instruments, I don't have or I can no longer find the original package?

In order to download again all your BLINKSONIC° instruments if you have lost the packages, the best way is to get a direct access via this link:
It’s necessary to log with the email used during purchase.
If it’s the first time you intend to connect, you must create a new password. => click “forgotten password” and create the new one. Then, check you mailbox in order to follow the classic password recover process.
After this, you will get the complete list of your products on one unique page.
Take notice that, downloads are limited (3 downloads) you can backup up an archive of the instruments to avoid losing your data.
It is also possible to have direct access to each individual instrument via its download link, the one present in your original mail order.

If you have technical support questions or require assistance with payment, do not hesitate to contact me.
You can even share your thoughts on BLINKSONIC° and its products.
Feedback is always welcome and I will reply as soon as possible.


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