Photography by Fairydrey.


"Based closed to Paris in the French Normandy region, I am an electronic musician and designer involved in various projects since 1999. My attraction for graphic arts has quickly led me to create animated visuals in addition to my music. So, between 2003 and 2012, I performed multiple AV shows, that mainly appear on various European alternative scenes.
In 2006, I signed some demos for the ARKAOS VJ software.

During these years, I also developed most of my musical projects focusing on exploring the amazing possibilities of granular synthesis offered by Reaktor.
Self-taught and keen on technologies related to computer music and sound production, I developed over time a certain versatility as a designer, which would later lead me to activities as a UI/UX designer specializing in audio.
REAKTOR flexibility was also perfect for me, in order to quickly develop unique concepts of virtual instruments.
First of them was RUIDOZ v1 shared in 2015 on the Reaktor User Library.

Then, BLINKSONIC° is born from my desire to share and distribute much better improved audio workflow ideas & sound banks with enhanced graphic user interfaces (GUI).
This is the conjunction of my work on experimental audio process and the use of graphics to illustrate different sounds environments. All of this, with a little spicy additional feeling close to the one we can experiment with video games or "kind of " interactive concept album.
Everything encapsulated inside REAKTOR 6, this designs are seeking to establish an interactive link between the musician and the sound device, whether it is an effect module, a synthesizer or a sampler.

My main focuses were to create :

- Audio devices that explore the possible interpretations of sound through the use of hybrid sequencer (polyrhythm, microtonic tuning..), forward thinking launch system and combinations of effects, as well as wrapping together various discoveries around the use of modular, modal, granular, subtractive, spectral synthesis, and above all .. Randomness !!

- A graphic language based on illustrations that can describe the different parameters of an instrument and its various sound modulations capabilities.
These UI research aims to suggest mental images relating to sound, as well as proposing graphic codes through symbols, minimalist and abstract icons, in order to bring out automatisms in the gestures of the musician facing his screen instrument.

Since then, I am filled with joy that BLINKSONIC° inspires a wide community of musicians, producers and composers and more, all around the world.
Thanks to everyone who support this project ! "

Sylvain Stoppani, Product Owner & Designer.