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  • BLINKSONIC_VOZ°_Tutoz_#03 – How to play with loop markers.

    Third tutorial explaining how to create travelizer effects with the start/end loop pointers and add some granular movements with various modulation sources. This tutorial also highlights how to assign modulation to an effect parameter.

  • BLINKSONIC_VOZ°_Tutoz_#02 – How to create a simple evolving choir.

    Quick tutorial explaining how to create a simple choir pad and make it evolve with effects and the crossfader x4.

  • BLINKSONIC_VOZ°_Tutoz_#01 – How to use Random mode.

    Quick tutorial explaining how to take advantage of the random mode, to create vocal movements.


    PROCESSORS° is a block but it can be used as a plugin in your DAW. I recently have the question on how to use it inside Ableton Live and benefit at the same time of the inbuilt 4 stereo « mixer/send bus ». So, here is an exemple of set-up : – Inside Live, you…

  • Building with Reaktor – video session (FR)

    Just release a 22min video session around Reaktor 6, the Blocks framework and some of my creations on the plateform. Here the link : /// Sorry french speaking only with no subtitle. French description : Vidéo de présentation de Native Instruments Reaktor et de son framework BLOCKS orienté modulaire. Sylvain Stoppani, créateur des instruments Blinksonic°, nous…