SUBSTANZ° 1.2 // New Update Available.

A new version of SUBSTANZ° is available for download. The update is free for registered users.
A handful of improvements have been made to the audio engine, along with interface tweaks.

Here is the change log :

* The Mixer and Send Effect routings have been revised,
* All “Decay” knobs have been recalibrated to improve their accuracy,
* In random mode, the sample select knobs indicate the current sample triggered,
* “Solo” buttons have been added to each track for momentary isolation of the track,
* The Global Pitch is now processed downstream from all other pitch parameters (pitch per track and pitch step sequencer)
* Improved GUI for FX Processorz. To access the parameters of each effect click the “Momentary” button. To apply the effect, click the toggle button now represented by the effect symbol. (This behaviour is identical to the Block PROCESSORZ °, a free download available from the Reaktor User Library)
* Snapshots have been reorganized and partially renamed.
* Includes 20 new kits, for a total of 80 additional raw files.
* A new bank containing 33 new snapshots.
* A new bank of 128 snapshots compiles all existing snapshots as drum kits without needing to be launched by the internal sequencer. These kits were designed to be immediately triggered either by external sequencers (DAW) or by midi.
* A cleaner “view B” shows only the main parts of the interface, designed to take less space on the display according to the workflow used within a DAW.
* New NKS mapping (Light Guide, Native Map®)
* The “scope” viewer has been removed to reduce the CPU load,

IMPORTANT NOTE : This update is not compatible with Reaktor 5.
I allocated enough time and support while users transition to Reaktor 6. For users who have not yet upgraded to Reaktor 6, save an archive of the prior version of the ensemble (1.0) to continue using SUBSTANZ ° within Reaktor 5.



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