Hi folks ! Today is a great day as I am really excited to announce further new stuff related to RUIDOZ°, AETØNZ°, SUBSTANZ° and VOZ°. This is about an awaited update of this 4 instruments, with open structure, some fixes and improvements, additional sounds and banks, a new custom program offer and the availability of new discount codes for this summer. Here the details :


Want to customize BLINKSONIC instruments !?
I am really happy to announce that « EDIT » mode is back on the 4 ensembles, RUIDOZ, AETONZ, SUBSTANZ and VOZ with the last update.
These updates comes with some minor bug fixes on RUIDOZ and SUBSTANZ.
No major improvement have been implemented, this to preserve presets and snapshots created by users, but just allowing reverse engineering again, sounds promising enough for all owners of the full Reaktor 6 version. Now it’s possible to visit the structure of each patches and to mod, combine a lot of things.
It also simplifies the access to snapshots, midi/OSC, samplemap manager, and many other features inside R6 (player & full version)


I received a lot of interesting feature requests during the last years. Some were very pertinents but it’s not easy to implement all the features without impacting the GUI and all users snapshots and personal settings. In short, I was in front of an hard choice. To bring some new stuff on the original build, with in mind the challenging wish to harmonize all this requests in one version suited for everyone. Finally I found an other path..

I propose until now a new service. Let’s call it “Personal Custom Program”. If you need some modifications or additional functions on your ensemble structure , I am ready to offer a personal customization of it following your request and suggestion.
To know the conditions of this offer, write me a mail with the object “custom program”, with few lines explaining what you want to add or modify. After this, no warranty of approval, but I will evaluate with you what’s possible and this for a very fair price (determined by how ambitious or doable is the project).


In addition to this, VOZ vocalist generator, the semi modular sampler based on vocal formants, comes with a new sexy feature.
An optional new bank of vocal formants have been implemented inside the audio engine. The banks are accessible inside a slightly modified GUI and are based on female voices (297 new waveforms in total). Also to give a starting point or some sound design ideas, there’s 125 new snapshots, gathered inside 3 banks which can also be found inside Native Browser (NKS).



Also good to know, new promotion codes are available on the site :
– For more than 69€ of purchase, get instant discount 15% off with the code « blnksnc_18 »*
– For more than 159€ of purchase, get instant discount 25% off with the code « full_bundle18 » *
(*both offers valid until 31th August 2018)


Also good to remind, all Reaktor Player users who own a license of one BLINKSONIC instrument, can benefit 50% off, on the full Reaktor 6 version. For more details about this promotion, go connect to your NI account : https://www.native-instruments.com



RUIDOZ 2.3 :

  • Fix: Loss of some pitch parameters values when you re-open the instrument as a plugin. A new switch have been implemented in the GUI for enabling the LFO and avoid the pitch parameter to be set on its default value.

VOZ 1.3 :

  • Voice numbers (which define the polyphony and the number of similtanous notes interpreted) have been change from 8 to 4 to reduce CPU consumption, but it can now been manually set in the properties of the ensemble in “edit” mode.
  • New switch in the GUI for getting access on the 3 new female formants banks & 5 additional empty user banks where you can drag n’ drop your own sample collection.


  • No change except that the structure is now open.



– Before anything, rename the old folder (e.g. “VOZ 1.2” -> “VOZ 1.2_old” or so). Keep it as an archive to be sure saving a copy of your personal settings.
– Unzip and place the full new folder which contains the update in the same previous path. When you overwrite the old .nicnt with the new .nicnt the version number doesn’t get updated in Native Access at the moment, you need to use the ‘Repair’ feature in Native Access.
– Open Native Access and see the “Repair” button show up (because Native Access can’t find the (i.e.) 1.2. .nicnt any more)
– Now click “Relocate” and point to the new folder (e.g. “VOZ 1.3”)
– A rescan of the product in Komplete Kontrol or Maschine preferences would be best afterwards as well.
A video tutorial is available on the NI Support page here : https://support.native-instruments.com/hc/en-us/articles/115005770205-Using-the-Repair-Function-in-Native-Access-VIDEO